​Rise and Shine ​Permanent Makeup - Veronica M. Morris

What are the benefits?

​No more crooked eyebrows! No more smears or smudges!  Permanent Makeup Procedures enhance your eyes, eyebrows and lips by adding (restoring) color to these areas. Permanent makeup is liberating for those who have asymmetrical facial features, poor vision, allergies, arthritis or tremors, active lifestyles or simply desire a more carefree, less time-consuming approach to their morning routine.  Permanent makeup is also ideal for clients who have suffered loss of eyebrows or lashes due to alopecia, chemotherapy or overzealous plucking, waxing.

What is the Process?​

You may book your appointment on the service menu page or text or call me with your availability.  Your consultation may be combined with your procedure time. And multiple procedures can be performed on the same day.  Ask for your Doctor's approval if you may stop taking aspirin, vitamins and supplements for 3 days and take Benadryl prior to procedure. 
During the consultation, we will discuss shape, color and placement along with client expectations, medical history and preferences; address any concerns and answer client questions and analyze face shape.  Friends and family are welcome to attend. You may bring pictures and/or color samples. 
I will draw an outline of your procedure and after your approval then we start tattooing. I will always ask if their is anything else you want me to add to your permanent makeup.. 

Is It a Tattoo?

​Permanent Makeup is a tattoo that enhances your features by creating the illusion of hair, as in microblading/hair-stroke/shaded eyebrow tattoos and lash enhancement tattoos, or permanent makeup can enhance your features by looking like makeup, as in eyeliner and lip shading tattoos.  Pigment (particles of color) are implanted under the skin using a needle or group of needles and a tattoo machine of variable speeds. ​

Permanent Makeup is also referred to as Cosmetic Tattooing, Cosmetic Tattoo Makeup, Permanent Cosmetic Makeup, Intradermal Micro-pigmentation, and Derma-graphics.

Common Questions

Does it hurt?​

There is no such thing as a "totally discomfort-free procedure".  Minor discomfort and slight swelling is to be expected. I have had people fall asleep while I was tattooing their eyebrows; However, the effectiveness of topical anesthetics varies from person to person. For one, people experience the same pain differently. Also, anxiety, fear and your menstrual cycle can increase feelings of discomfort.
I have topical anesthetics for before the procedure (in-tact skin) and topical anesthetics for during the procedure (broken skin), and I count in threes or fives for clients that do not "numb-up" as easily and can relax knowing a pause is coming.

How long does it last?

The durability of a cosmetic tattoo varies from client to client, depending upon the individual’s sun exposure, use of serums, creams and lotions containing acids, ie. alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxy, salicylic or glycolic acid, macrophage activity and unique body chemistry. Generally permanent makeup lasts for approximately 3-5 years. Some clients may wish to obtain “color boost” treatments along the way to prolong the vibrancy and durability of their investment by scheduling an annual refresh appointment.

Will the sun fade my permanent makeup?

Yes, the sun will oxidize /fade your permanent makeup if it is not taken care of.  All clients should use a waterproof sunblock daily for maximum color retention. Color oxidation applies to cars, carpets, furniture, paintings, anything left out in the sunlight.

How long have you being doing this?

I have been a permanent makeup artist since 2008. I have been at my current location since 2013.  I attended the American Institute of Intra-dermal Cosmetics in Arlington Texas.  

How long does each procedure take?

​When you arrive you will fill out a consent/release form and will be given your aftercare instructions.Then your technician will apply a topical anesthetic containing lidocaine,  tetracaine, and often, epinephrine.  After 30 minutes, the topical will be removed and your technician will draw guidelines for your eyebrows. Guidelines for eyeliner and lip color will be drawn when necessary.  After you approve the design, color and placement your procedure will take around 30-45 minutes.  A second topical is applied during the procedure.

What happens at the follow-up appointment?.

Around 4-6 weeks you should schedule your followup.  At the followup appointment the technician will implant more color, fill in any lighter areas, make minor corrections if needed, alter the color dependent on the results of your initial appointment.  

May I have more than one procedure at my appointment?

Yes, you may combine your consultation with any procedure or you may have all three procedures at the same appointment date and time.