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Frequently Asked Questions

What is microblading? 

Microblading is a tattoo technique using a  hand-tool, not an electric tattoo machine, resulting in thin lines the size of eyebrow hairs (hairstrokes) imitating natural eyebrows ... read more ... see pictures 

Is permanent makeup a tattoo?

Yes, permanent makeup is a tattoo.  When pigment (particles of color) are implanted under the skin using any method, i.e., hand-tool or electric tattoo machine, it is a tattoo. 

Is it painful?

Pain is a very individualized experience. 
Given a 0-10 index with 0 being no pain and 10 being worst-pain-ever.  On the first pass most clients report  1-3 range, while a few clients report 4-6 range.  For the second pass ranges may change to 0-2 or 1-5. 

Do you numb the area? apply numbing agent?

A pre-procedure numbing cream, Dot C Blue, is applied for 30 minutes before the first pass and a numbing gel, Tag 45, is applied during the procedure between passes. Rarely, clients are non-responsive to Lidicaine or Tetracaine.  Non-reponsive clients generally tend to be natural redheads and/or clients requiring more than average amount of novacaine for dental procedures.

How long does permanent makeup last?

The best possible color results can perform for 1 to 3 years.  Residual color can last 10+ years.

If permanent makeup fades, why is it called "permanent"?

Pigment particles remain in the skin after loosing color.


Four main areas influence the potential for a cosmetic tattoo to  change color (fade);

  1. Factors related to the pigment characteristics

  2. Factors related to the methods and techniques of the tattooist

  3. Factors intrinsic to the client

  4. Factors related to the client's environment and medicines

(i.e.,   particle concentration, sun exposure, pigment selection, pigment concentration (natural-looking vs. dramatic), number of close-consecutive applications, color level, skin tone, complexion, skin care routine, medications, medical conditions and adherence to Aftercare Guidelines)

How do I make an appointment?

You may book your complimentary consultation or procedure by one of following:

Please include your name, email and your availability.  

Do I need a separate consultation?

Your consultation may be combined with your procedure. And multiple procedures can be performed on the same day.  

How long are the procedures?

First Application Visits are scheduled from 1.5 hours to 2 hours. 
Followup Visits may take the same amount of time.

What happens at my procedure appointment?

I ask clients to bring their conventional makeup for color example and  a pic  or multiple pics of their desired eyebrow/eyeliner/lip shape, color as examples of elements they like and pictures of elements they do not want.  Clients may bring pictures of eyebrows/lips/eyeliner from earlier in their life, or pictures of  relatives, friends, celebrities of anyone, even if their eyebrows/lips/eyeliner are *not* tattooed, from an internet search, Pinterest, Facebook, my website or anywhere. 

You will have time during your appointment while you are numbing to show me pictures or look at pictures, ask questions,

After 30 minute numbing period, I start measuring and drawing.  Answers to my questions, as well as, my client's face reveals their design.  I will draw an outline of your procedure, and after your approval then we start tattooing. 

During the procedure, you may look in the mirror anytime. Sometimes, I will ask you to look in the mirror for your feedback and I may return the procedure chair to an upright position to view symmetry and effects of gravity. 

Your opinion and desires matter to me .  please speak up if their is anything else you want me to add to your permanent makeup.

What happens at the consultation?

During the consultation, we can discuss any topic.  I try to include shape, color and placement along with client expectations, pertinent medical history, contraindications, and preference.  You may bring pictures and/or color samples. 

Where did you go to school to learn permanent makeup?

In 2008, I received my first PMU certification From the Bella Institute in Fort Worth, Texas.  Later in 2008, i received my next two certifications  from The American Instituter of Intradermal Cosmetics in Arlington, Texas.  I worked as permanent makeup artist since 2008.  In 2017 I decided to take my first Masters course taught by 2 famous permanent makeup artist Teryn Darling and xxx.  In 2019, I enrolled in another Masters Class, taught by Kler Rosenberg, world famous Microblade/Shade instructor and artist.

How long have you being doing this?

I have been a permanent makeup artist since 2008. I have been at my current location since 2013.​

Why are their so many differnent descriptions for permanent makeup?

Permanent Makeup is also referred to as Cosmetic Tattooing, Cosmetic Tattoo Makeup, Permanent Cosmetic Makeup, Intra-dermal Micro-pigmentation, and Derma-graphics and many other labels.  The lack of regulation of the exact permanent makeup techniques leads to multiple labels.

Do you use new needles?

Yes.  All needles are new and sterile.  
Needle packages will be opened at your appointment.

Are your pigments organic?

I have organic and inorganic pigments.  In the subject of pigments, organic refers to the chemistry of the molecule..meaning carbon-based molecules compared to inorganic, non carbon-based molecules.  

What colors do you offer?
Do you have colors for blondes?

For Eyebrows I  offer pigments blond to black- brown.  Eyeliner pigments include black, royal blue, charcoal, brown-black, denim and khaki.  Lip pigments include mauve, pink, red-brown, coral, etc.

How is your work different from other artists?

I strive to give each client the look they desire.  I listen and ask questions.  I want you to have the shape, color of eyebrows you want, the thickness of eyeliner you desire, the lip color you like.  

How do I prepare for my Appointment?

See Pre-care.

What is the healing time?

Can anyone get permanent makeup?

See Contraindications.

For eyebrows and eyeliner about a week.  For lips 2 weeks. See Aftercare.

Why does it fade?

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