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Product List and Referrels

These are products I use for my procedures and products I use personally.  I also included professional referrals for services I have had and services I have witnessed the results. 


I am not affiliated with any of these products or professionals.  Currently, I only receive a discount from Heather Joslin at Joslin Esthetics for clients I send her, which is easy because she and Tara have taken care of me for 8+ years and they all look great (not puffy or doughy, you know what I mean)

Please email me if the links result in an error.

Sun and Sweat Protection by PHI Brows

To be applied prior to sun or sweat exposure during healing and post-healing.

Skin Candy by PHI Brows

To be applied during healing and post-healing.  Great Moisturizer.

Reflectocil Eyebrow Dye and Reflectocil Developer

To color your eyebrows; many colors are available.  I use light brown.

Nano Brushes

To Apply Eyebrow Dye 

Eyelash Dye

To color your lashes

Mini Cups

very small container to mix dye and developer for eyebrows and eyelashes 

Dysport - neuromodulator (works similarly to Botox; for me it takes effect within 24-36 hrs and lasts longer than Botox)

Heather or Tara at Joslin Esthetics

100 River Hills DR. Ste 100 Georgetown Tx 78628

Eyelid Lift - My parents and my 10+ clients I have referred have been able to qualify for 100%medicare or only pay their insurance deductible.

Dr Shepler at Hill Country Eye Center

11901 W Parmer Ln Ste 400 Cedar Park, Tx 78613

Halo Laser Facial - I lost 8 years from my face after having this procedure.  Its a laser that stimulates your body to produce collagen and minimized my pores, eliminated my adult acne and evened my skin tone.

Vicki at Georgetown Plastic Surgery 

3201 S Austin Avenue Ste 305 Georgetown, Tx 76826

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