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How many times a day do you reapply your lip color?


Would you like your lips to stand out more? 
Are your lips asymmetrical? 

Consider permanent lip color.

Are you interested in Permanent Lip Color?

Tattooed Lip Color and Lip Liner can give definition to the lip line,
 lessen the appearance of lip scars and add symmetry.

Lip Color & Lip Liner Aftercare

For next 14 days while healing avoid:

The sun.

Bleaching toothpaste.

Greasy, oily, acidic (tomatoes, fruit), Spicy foods, salty foods.

Steamy, hot beverages.

Direct shower spray.

Lip gloss, lip stick.




Apply moisture barrier (A&D, Aquaphor or Vitamin E, Vaseline) to the treatment area 3 to 5+ times a day for 14 days after trpayment.


Take an anti-inflammatory that your Dr. Approves. For example, Aleve or Ibuprofen.


Before using cold pack (not frozen), apply moisture barrier to lips (Vaseline, etc.) and place a barrier (plastic wrap) on your lips to keep condensation away from your healing lip tattoo, then place cold pack on the barrier for ten minutes at a time for several hours after treatment and the following morning to the area to prevent swelling and alleviate discomfort.


When eating use your teeth to remove food from your fork.  And use a straw to drink.


Try to avoid sweating for several days after treatment, as the salt in your sweat may fade the pigment prematurely (salt is sometimes used in the tattoo removal process).


Do not swim until the treatment area is healed, as chlorine and salt water can fade or alter your pigment, and lakes are full of bacteria which is best to avoid during the healing process. Even after the treatment area has healed, it is wise to apply a barrier ointment (such as Aquaphor, Vaseline or Vitamin E) to the area before a swim.


Use clean hands or q-tips to touch the treatment area during the healing process to avoid infection.


If you have a off that sleeps on your pillow change your pillowcase daily and try to keep your pet off of your pillow while your healing. If your pet sleeps in bed with you please avoid rubbing your pet and then touching your procedure area with the same hand.


DO NOT RUB, SCRATCH OR PICK AT THE TREATED AREA – let the sloughing skin exfoliate naturally to avoid scarring or premature loss of pigment.

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