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Tattoo Eyebrows $130

Tattoo Eyeliner $130

Tattoo Lipliner $99

Tattoo Lip Shading $150

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Austin Area Permanent Makeup

3613 Williams Dr., Bldg 10, Suite 1004, Georgetown, TX 78628 Facebook Link RiseShinePermanentMakeup Serving the Austin Area

Veronica M. Morris, Certified and Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist

3613 Williams Dr., Bldg 10Suite 1004, GeorgetownTX  78628 US            


​​​Rise And Shine Permanent Makeup

Austin area permanent makeup studio - Rise And Shine Permanent Makeup is a licensed tattoo studio providing  permanent makeup procedures by certified permanent makeup artist/owner Veronica M. Morris.

Tattooing your eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner or full lip color saves time, enhances and defines your facial features and makes you look more youthful. 

Permanent makeup is applied with single-use, sterile needles, tubes and pigment cups.  The pigments and numbing agents I use are made in the USA.

My goals as a permanent makeup professional  are to follow CDC guidelines and the regulations of Texas State Health Department, listen to my clients and provide quality permanent makeup procedures, routinely seek continuing education in permanent makeup field, give back to my community, share my professional knowledge, skills, abilities and experience to enhance and benefit the lives of my clients.