You are NOT a candidate for permanent makeup procedures, if on the day of your procedure you:

  • are 17 years old or younger

  • are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • have a cold, the flu, Covid, pink-eye (conjunctivitis), pneumonia, tuberculosis, contagious infection or have been on antibiotics within the last 7 days for such a condition, or suspect you may have a contagious infection or have a fever above 99 degrees; please visit when you are well.

  • are currently on steroids.

  • have a contagious rash, allergic rash, un-diagnosed rash, skin burn (from sun, fire, or chemical), herpes outbreak, whelps or an allergic reaction in the procedure area

  • within 365 days prior have taken Accutane

  • within 30 days prior, you have applied a cream, gel, serum or lotion containing retinols, retin-A or a derivative

  • are undergoing chemotherapy

  • are having eyeliner tattoo procedure and have lash extensions

  • lip procedures and have not premedicated with Valtrex or Valcyclovir (obtain a prescription from your doctor or at (no affiliation)

You are a candidate for permanent makeup WITH APPROVAL FROM your primary care physician or healthcare specialist, if you:

  • have Type II Diabetes and your blood sugar is above 200

  • lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune disorder

  • completed chemotherapy within 3 months prior

  • have epilepsy